Monday, May 30, 2011

I am knitting!!

I feel very domesticated lately. Doing all my own washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning. Let me tell you...It. Is. Intense! I can not iron to save my life. I have even started planning my outfits each morning, on which are the most crease free garments....or even better, un-ironable. Hee hee, everyone has their weaknesses. And besides for someone who could and does burn herself at every opportunity on any random hot object, an iron just seems incredibly dangerous. Anyway...I digress. So being so Martha Stewart lately, I decided the other day, to start knitting. Yay. Obviously only little things, as I am not hugely talented, but it is actually so much fun. I can even knit while watching a little only granny, mad skills, hey!? See what I plan on making below! Aren't the too cute, don't they make you want to start knitting?! Yay for me :) G

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