Friday, October 29, 2010

Ballerina Project

Have you heard about the Ballerina Project? It is such a beautiful idea. The most spectacular photos are taken in various cityscapes, it is a collaboration of dance, fashion design and photography played out against the city's landscape. This juxtapositioning is truly amazing. Something about the soft curves of the dancers against the harshness of the city is so breath taking. Beautiful! I want to be a pretty ballerina!! To see more images like these visit the Ballerina Project here. Have a colourful Friday. G :) x

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thought For The Day.

Lovely Packaging!

Hey happy bloggers. Here is some more yummy packaging from lovely packaging. Sigh...I love pretty things. Hope this inspires you and gets your creative mind soaring. Kisses G

Welcome To The Light Side.

This morning I woke up when I say early I don't mean like half six early (as this is a suitably early time for me)...I mean five am early!! (Well to be honest I woke at half four and only got out of bed at five.) For anyone who knows me, they know this is insanely ludicrous. I am NOT a morning person and by no stretch of the imagination have I ever been a morning person. I am grumpy, moody and like the walking dead till about half seven. (even at this point I am struggling to pull through with a smile and thanks for the tea.) Look I don't like this side of me, but as much as I try, in the mornings everything irritates me. Everything! I am horrible. So I normally keep very quiet and still, waiting it out, till the mood passes. This is the best I can seem to manage. But anyway today I woke up early to go to my yoga class. And in a silent, sun streaked moment of the early morning I had an epiphany! With shining lights, angles, harps and everything. I discovered something...I am a morning person!!! I love the early morning. The quiet. The birds chirping. The sun rising over the sea. It is all wonderful. Sure getting out of my warm, cozy, hibernation bed is never easy (but I do have a secret love affair with my bed, which is probably not normal) but it's totally worth it to welcome the sun up. So I am a born again morning person. I have relized I just don't like to share it with other people. I want it all to myself. I don't want to talk or laugh or watch the news, I like to sit by myself with the quiet, the sun and the birds. (So if others expect me to be sociable they should probably wait till eight.) So there it is from a newly reformed bad morning person, you can re-discove a better you every day. And today I was a morning person. This to me is hugely amazing! Anyway Just wanted to share. Enjoy the sunshine :) G

Monday, October 25, 2010

Thought Of The Day!

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Mood In Song.

Prime Circle

Same Goes for You Lyrics

I search in corners search in rooms

I search to find myself some answers

To see these questions through

Relearn what I knew

Never mind this walk of shame

Never mind it's all been done

And I'm not really that bad

Cause I got things to do

And I'm just telling you

That I just will not stop

No I'm not giving up

The same goes for you

The same goes for me

The same goes for dreams

In all their varying ways

Excuse me for what I say

For what I say

Excuse me for what I say

I'm taking back what is mine

And I'm gonna hold on tight this time

Nothing's gonna pry me loose

Hope that this will stay the truth

Maybe it's wrong

Maybe it's right

Maybe this time I'm gonna come to life

And I hope you feel it too

And I cant tell you things to do

And I'm just telling you

That I just will not stop

No I'm not giving up

The same goes for you

The same goes for me

The same goes for dreams

In all their varying ways

Excuse me for what I say

The same goes for you

The same goes for me

The same goes for dreams

In all their varying ways

Excuse me for what I say

For what I say

Excuse me for what I say

Wooooooooooooohhhhh I'm not crazy

Cause I'm just telling you

That I just will not stop

No I'm not giving up

The same goes for you

The same goes for me

The same goes for dreams

In all their varying ways

Excuse me for what I say

But the same goes for you

The same goes for me

The same goes for dreams

Excuse me for what I say

For what I say

Excuse me for what I say

Prime Circle

Let Me Go lyrics

Look around, I'm surrounded by people

Wondering where I went wrong

Hearing voices telling me

Boy you're just not that strong

I'm entwined in a web of confusion

Counting dreams to one day carve in stone

It's these vines that I have broken

Falling to the ground

So let me go and let me see and

Let me find myself again

And all these walls

I tear them down and move on

So let me go and let me see

And let me find out finally

And I pray no more vines entwine me

No more vines

Staring deep inside this mirror

Trying to figure out whose staring back

I guess that I haven't decided

Where my heart is at

Strange emotion, they possess me

And they pull my hands

My feet and my soul to a place

I never thought of but I'm glad to go

So let me go, let me see

And let me find myself again

And all theses walls

I tear them down and move on

So let me go and let me see

And let me find out finally

And I pray no move vines entwine me

Entwine me

So count me in, I'll stand up right

I'll wait my turn but I will burn

And at this stage, I'm paranoid

About these choices, I've destroyed

So let me go and let me be from

All this torment all these games

And now my turn, I'll stand my ground

So let me go and let me see

And let me find myself again

And all these walls, all these walls

I'll tear them down

So let me go and let me see

And let me find out finally

I swear that I'm already on my way

Cause I'm afraid

I'm a fool now, again

So let me go, let me go, go, go!

Sea Girls

"Not gulls, girls." You frown, and you insist—

Between two languages, you work at words

(R's and L's, it's hard to get them right.)

We watch the heavens' flotsam: garbage-white

Above the island dump (just out of sight),

Dirty, common, greedy—only birds.

OK, I acquiesce, too tired to banter.

Somehow they're not the same, though. See, they rise

As though we glimpsed them through a torn disguise—

Spellbound maidens, wild in flight, forsaken—

Some metamorphosis that Ovid missed,

With their pale breasts, their almost human cries.

So maybe it is I who am mistaken;

But you have changed them. You are the enchanter.

A. E. Stallings

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Though For The Day.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Virtual Fridge Magnets, Yay!

I have always loved the idea of a fridge with magnetized words, that you can move around and make up new thoughts, poems, love letters, each fresh morning. I find it so expressive, inspiring and lets face it, just plain fun. So now here is a virtual fridge (for all of us fridgeless people) and everyone can visit and leave their message. It changes constantly as others visit and have their say. It's pretty fun, go check it out here. G :)

Though For The Day.

Pledge To Be Cruelty Free!!

Make a commitment to eliminate animal testing by pledging to only purchase products that have not been tested on animals. (and products where no ingredient is tested on animals) Many animals live and die sad, cruel, miserable lives and deaths, trapped in small cages and concrete cells in labs. Unthinkable test are done on these creatures and no compassion is ever shown to them in their very short, tainted existence. Most of these tests done are not required by law and are totally unnecessary! This is an unwarranted torture and needs to be stopped. There are so many all natural, ant-cruelty products on the market,so there is really no excuse to support these heartless companies. So join the pledge and make a difference! I have taken the pledge and have very easily eliminated the offenders out of my life! Here is a list of the companies that need to be boycotted. (But also always check the labels and ingredients used to be certain you are doing the correct thing.) If uncertain as the company is not on the list rather use a company on the list of companies that don't do animal testing, these companies have proved they are 100% cruelty free! Get this list here! Yay for living with compassion!!! x x x G

Friday, October 15, 2010

My Inner Child

today my inner child came back.

she slipped in the cracks of my soul,

like sunlight through the clouds.

i felt my ribs explode open as she engulfed me,

filling me completely.

her giggling bubbling over inside me.

i sprinkle my salad with salt

and I see it with her eyes.

rain pouring on the jungle of leaves.

i imagine all the tiny people scrambling,

hiding under the tomatoes,

crawling into their little onion homes.

i can hear their silent screams as they get wet.

i stand my jelly baby men up in a neat little line,

called to attention. injured and skew.

waiting patiently for some imaginary war they shall fight.

each little mans flavor explodes as it reaches

my mouth, the yellow tastes like sunshine.

i name them all before I eat them, head first of course.

just like a giant i demolish them bit by bit.

they can not escape me.

this gives me a secret thrill, I am big and strong.

i love the way simple things seem more fun,

like the world comes alive around me.

as i walk i dodge volcanoes, cracks in the earth

and things that lurk in the shadows.

suddenly a butterfly is the most beautiful

thing I have ever seen.

it consumes me and nothing in the world matters

more than it and its pulsating wings.

i am so pleased my inner child has come to visit me.

she makes the sun shine and

fills the air with laughter and cupcakes.

i have hidden her bags and made her cookies.

And I am squeezing my eyes shut and praying

she never leaves me alone again.

G ©

Though For The Day.

Things That Make Me Happy :)

Here are 10 things (in no particular order) that have made me sunshine happy on this gloomy, grey Friday;

1. Friday (finally, and soon it will be sleep in Saturday and pjs Sunday!)
2. Strawberries (mmmmh)
3. My family (they light up my world)
4. Bulldog in a tutu (tee hee hee, my loves her)
5. My little Snapper (my little venus flytrap caught his first daddy longlegs today!)
6. 10 o'clock tea time (sigh, and the world is great again)
7. Smiling strangers (:))
8. Lumo pink nails (oh yeah, rocking them)
9. My dinner date (and knowing what I am going to wear)
10. The smell of lilies!
....and counting :) G

Mmmmmhhh Cookies And Tea Anyone?

Well seen as yesterday I spoke about been so super healthy and bouncing off the walls with energy with only seems appropriate to follow that with a post on these amazing cookies :) Hey, life is all about balance. Mmmmh I love cookies, especially home made ones, especially with choc chips and especially with nuts, sigh, yum! If you haven't been on the blog What Kate Ate, (an amazing food and food photography blog) you need to go check it out now! No really, go now. G x Mmmmmmmhhhh cookies!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bouncy, bouncy, bounce!!!

So I have been sitting on a exercise ball every day at work. And seen as I am at my desk in front of the screen pretty much the entire day, this is impressive! I am pretty much a fitness queen now. (well for me anyway) :) I have never been a very fitness conscience person, but recently that has changed. I am gyming every day, going to classes - strengthening my core in pilates and yoga stretches and pumping the cardio in tybo and my body conditioning classes. And I have been eating the healthiest I have ever eaten before. (and since I have been a vegetarian for many years and raised in a super healthy household, this is really, really, healthy) And I feel amazing!!! My body is adapting so well to this new lifestyle, I feel my muscles growing, my core strengthening and my body becoming even more supple. And this makes me happy :) Anyway, so this is where my pretty pink exercise ball bounces into the equation. I have decided to start sitting on it at work instead of my still, boring, in the box, chair. It forces proper spine alinement, strengthens your core muscles and helps burn more calories. (and it is pink!) Chiropractors world wide highly recommend this idea. But besides that, let me just say, this is super fun :) Sure I have nearly fallen on my bum bum, on numerous occasions but I am bouncing up a storm at my desk. It really makes sitting at a desk way more fun and interesting! So if anyone is bored at work and wants to add in a bit of fun and health try this, it really makes a huge difference. I think we often take our beautiful bodies for granted and use and abuse them. I challenge everyone to do something healthy for their body everyday. I challenge you to look in the mirror and find something ravishing, unique and magnificent about your body everyday. Your soul will shine from the happiness and satisfaction this gives you. A healthy body is a beautiful body. I am not at all vain, I have many physical and character flaws, but I still look in that mirror everyday and completely, head over heals, love the person I am and the person I am becoming. Life is an evolution, we are constantly growing and changing, we need to make sure it is always for the better. There is no one in the world like you, no one can ever be as perfectly you as you are. :) G x

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Though For The Day!!!

This one is a little gem! :) Enjoy your rainy wednesday. G x

Cute Little Puppy Art.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Though For The Day.

"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."

Wedding Photos.

Ok so I have been asked to design the wedding invite for a very good friends' wedding. Eeeeeeekk!! And I am so excited (I can't turn it off, it's just who I am). You see, I love weddings!! I have ever since I can remember. I love absolutely everything about them. From the white puffy dresses to the tin cans trailing behind the honeymoon car! Something about all that love floating around. I find it intoxicating. I love weddings! So I am thrilled to be a small part of her wedding. And I must say, something about designing a wedding invite - the fresh start of a new little family, and all the bits and pieces that go along with it is so fulfilling for me. I am really enjoy it. I can not wait till I get to plan my own wedding and put it together. All the small meaningful things and the light hearted little bits and bobs, sigh, so much fun :) I love collecting beautiful photos, ideas and images, and let me tell you there are so many beautiful wedding things floating about out there. I now have a folder on my mac jam packed with wedding stuffs! I am single, 25 and not even close to walking down the aisle but I already know mostly what I would like. Ha ha ha, its so entertaining being a girl. Anyway, I will post the invite once it is finished, but for now I wanted to put up some of the beautiful wedding photography and creative ideas I have found. Just to get us in the wedding mood. Yay for weddings!!! Enjoy G :)