Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Conceptual Photography.

Here are some truly smart ideas put into photography. Something about conceptual art is just so intriguing and sharp-witted, you can't help wishing these ideas where your own. Enjoy, G :)


Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!! Sometimes people just make me crazy! Should I rather say sometimes some people make me crazy! Why do some people insist on judging you? Why do some people insist on making you feel small? Why do some people have this suffocating air of superiority? Is it because they are insecure? Does it make them feel bigger to put me down? Do they look at me and see things they wish they could be or wish they were, so they feel the need to make me feel bad about my faults? Or do they put me down to get some sort of power kick from it? I don't get it!? How can some people be so insensitive, so un-empathetic. I am not a person to fight back either, I don't see the sense of hurting peoples feelings. I don't see the point of bringing someone down and making them feel bad about themselves to make me feel better... even if they are attacking me. I don't understand these people who ever so willingly, ever so keenly, break people down bit by bit. And to be completely honest I don't want to understand. Even if it would clear up my confusion and sadness on this point. I don't want to understand because I want no part of the darkness they hold inside, I want no knowledge of the feeling they get when they hurt someone, the kick they get out of it, I want no part of their sad, lonely, pathetic world. I will stay pure, I will stay happy and I will stride to be the best me I can possibly be and that is good enough for me. (And somehow the saddest part is that even the worst me would reach a higher moral high-ground than the best of them) Sigh, it's sad and it's frustrating not to understand it but you know what... sticks and stones... always feels better after a rant. Ever hopeful, G :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Meat Free Mondays.

Because I am a dedicated vegetarian this is a campaign, very close to my heart. I am urging everyone to pledge themselves to this campaign. A single meatless day in your week, will not dramatically affect your life (besides the hugely beneficial health advantages of a meat free diet) but it will save the senseless, painful slaughter of millions of animals.

The facts - The increase in meat product over time would not have been possible without the development of commercial methods of farming, which have blatantly ignored the rights of animals who are deprived of exercise, fresh air and social interaction. In order to get more meat, more product, cheaper and faster, animals are treated in monstrous ways and often live a miserable existence only to die a terrifying, painful death. (see the peta website, to meet your meat and learn more about the cruelties of commercial farming) Compassion in world farming have revealed that by simply introducing a meat free day in South Africa - 11 200 cattle, 2 million chickens, 10 000 pigs and 22 300 sheep will not face slaughter each and every week!!

The facts - Eating less meat can help minimize your ecological footprint because stock breeding has a dramatic detrimental impact on the environment. Livestock make up a large portion of greenhouse gas emissions. The larger the demand for meat products, the larger the damage on the environment. Not to even mention the monumental amounts of water and maize which is wasted to commercial farming (while people in other countries are starving) and the devastation of over grazing, pesticides and antibiotics / hormones.

The facts - If none of these points sink into your un-empathetic mind, think of yourself and your health. Cutting out meat one day a week will help prevent four of the leading causes of death: heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer. Public health experts suggest that reducing our daily intake of meat by 60%, will help reduce excess weight and obesity issues in our country.

So please for whatever your reason, give up meat for just one day a week and make a dramatic difference to the animals, the environment and your health. Just think about it, seriously, it's time we all stopped been selfish, stopped putting our heads in the sand and took a stand for what is important. For motivation, think about the face of the animal you eat every meal, think about the life it should have been given, think about what life it actually had and think about the fact that, that creature was slaughtered and mistreated for you to eat that meal. Stop saying pork and beef and poultry, start saying pig and cow and chickens, stop desensitizing yourself to the fact that when you prepare your meal at night, your hands are tainted with death. You are killing living, breathing, intelligent creatures, who have feelings and personality and the ability to show love. Live life with love and compassion for all creatures and your heart will be lighter. G


I have burrowed under ground.
Deep into the earths core.
Surrounded by moist dirt and warm shadows.
I feel safe here.
Almost like I have regressed back to the womb.
I lie in fetal position,
listening to the muffled world above.
Please just leave me to the darkness.
Leave me to the silence.
Let me feel nothing,
even if it is only for a while.
Let the world forget me and let me forget the world.
For a moment, please just let me be.

G ©

Funny Quote Of The Day :)

I found this little quote hugely funny and it seemed very appropriate for a monday morning. hope you enjoying your monday. (Think happy thoughts, happy thoughts) :) G

"Today I seem to be stuck on stupid." Anonymous

I Really, Really Want A Pig/Dog!

Well I am definitely a dog person! Not that I have anything against my little feline friends, besides the fact that to me they seem completely anti-social and slightly superior and snobby. But dogs! Wow, they are amazing!! I have no idea how people function without these little stinkers in their lives. They bring so much joy and happiness into my life. I swear, many days I am not sure I would find the motivation to get out of bed without the whining, wagging tail and slobber kisses! (and the excited peeing of corse!) So one day I figure I am going to be like the old scary cat lady... except with dogs :) That would actually be amazing! Maybe I would throw in a few pigs, chickens and bunnies. Shew, so maybe I am going to have to move to the country. Anyway this is all besides the point. What I actually wanted to share was that I have, not so recently become obsessed with a cute little critter I like to call my pig/dog. (in normal people language, the Pug) Ah they are so cute! And every time I see one I almost melt to the floor in a whinny,blubbering mess. The other day I ran into one of these delightful little creatures and the thing actually started grunting at me with excitement, I honestly could have knocked her owner on the head and kidnapped her! Sigh. I already have two babies, who I love and adore but my little pig/dog is really pulling on my heart strings and kind of haunting me! You are probably wondering why in the world would someone write about this nonsense drivel, but I cant help it I seem to have rapidly become obsessed! Here is hoping my crazed ramblings don't scare to many people and help me get this obsession out of my head. (doubtfully) G :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Photos That Make You Smile.

These photos I found the other day just make my heart sing. The beauty and honesty captured in each image, is so rare and pure, it makes your heart skip a beat. Oh, the longing to leave it all and become a photographer and capture pretty moments like these and hold them there forever frozen in time, never to be tainted. Pure timeless perfection :) G