Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Studio

Here is my little studio, my cosy little corner. I haven't spent much time here lately, I seem to be blocked creatively again. It always seems to come in splurges. But I have started a painting (...months ago) and wanted to put it up for you to check out. It is so far from finished but here it is...it's called, Death Comes Quietly. What do you think? Kisses G x


What a cute idea. I am going to put this up in my office and in the lift today :) Maybe even on random street poles and in shopping centers! You can't say that something like this would't brighten your day! G x


(This is an old poem I never posted. I wrote it what feels like years ago. I never liked it. But when I read it now I think it is beautiful and raw and honest. I like it when emotion pours out of us, pure, honest ugly emotion. It is beautiful. Never be ashamed of how you feel, it's these emotions, no matter how ugly, that change us, grow us and mold us into people who have experiences, scars and life. Hope you enjoy it. G x)

I am an impostor.
Living half a life.
Living out a lie.
Barely surviving in the shadows you created.
I secretly lust after you.
But I know you only belong to yourself.
You never truly let me in.
I always felt lost in your heart.
You were lost in my world.

You wanted to do someone else.
You should have been by yourself.

Like you I have to think so selfishly.
Evidently it pays.
Foolish me.
Think with your head and not your heart.
Think about the pain.
Feeling used.
I know I was abused.
But still secretly I think of you.
I despise the new.

You wanted to do someone else.
You should have been by yourself.

Always walking away.
Making excuses.
You made a fool of me.
How weak I became.
I look back now I feel my own shame.
I wait for tomorrows twilight.
I soon shall be set free.

G ©

My Little Snapper

Look how my little snapper has grown!!!! He has so many new little mouths. I don't know if I have mentioned this little guy in any of my posts before, but he is my Venus Flytrap, who I love and adore. Mainly because he is so insanely fascinating (I could and do watch him for hours) but also because unlike other plants he seems to like me and has not died under my smothering care :) Anyway he is also a huge pig! He will often bite off more than he can swallow. They say you should feed the plant once a month but I have never had to feed him...he is very greedily self sufficient(my perfect plant). Anyway look how green and beautiful he is after a day in the rain :) G

(Ps. did you know the traps of a Venus Flytrap close in about 0.1 seconds! And it takes about 10 days for him to digest his meal :))

Monday, March 28, 2011

My weekend

Since this weekend was such a grey rainy one I spent most of it here :) I must say this is one of my favorite places in the world!!! Mmmh, would really like to crawl back into my little world. G x

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Things I Am Grateful For Today...

In no particular order, other than the unordered order than comes out of my mind;

10. Pronutro with raisins and banana...Yum.
9. Family and the comfortable laughter that surrounds them.
8. Bronzed skin after a weekend spent on the beach.
7. Durban weather (like no other)
6. Long weekends and short weeks.
5. The excitement of going to gym again after a short break.
4. Dogs and the way they greet you as you wake up.
3. Sailor Tuesdays.
2. Good hair days.
1. Green trees and clean streets.
0. The pelicans that wallow in our river.

Sigh...today is going to be a good day! :) G

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Bit Of Friday Humor.

I found these really funny quotes from the Dear Blank, Please Blank site. Must say I really enjoy these funny little quotes. Hilarious! G

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beautiful Couples.

"Love of mine, some day you will die but I will be close behind. I'll follow you into the dark." Deathcab For Cutie

I believe in love. I believe in fairy tales, the whole happily ever after, it does actually happen. Rarely, but on the odd occasion there is a magic that can not be destroyed, a passion that can not be ignored and it happens. All I dream of is a love like this. A love you could die for...more importantly a love to live for. G

Thought For The Day.

To Shave, Or Not To Shave?...

Ha ha, I adore this cute little brain storm diagram on shaving. Shaving is the bain of my existence. Seriously it is my worst thing to do. And been a girl it seems pretty gross, but seriously it just seems like such a waist of my precious time. Maybe its the Italian blood in me. Who knows. I am not saying I am a hairy gorilla...I do shave. But I normally go through something like this when deciding on whether or whether not to shave. Hope some of you can relate. G :)

What Every Girl Deserves.

When I grow up I would like a cupboard like this!! One can only dream, hey :) See the sign above the door...keep dreaming, fairy tales do come true. We just have to believe. x G

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

'Staches As Typefaces

Hee hee, I could not resist these Typestaches. They are too cool. G :)

The Non-Goals

Time inevitably moves forward no matter what we do. But everyone starts off a new year with goals and resolutions. To be better, do better. But what about our non-goals...the things you just do automatically that make you amazing? Surely these non-goals are better than any resolution? These are the corner stones of who we are, these are the qualities that are most important...at least that is what I think :) So today I will celebrate my non-goals and remind myself to keep being me. I think you should do the same. What are the things that are set in your nature, that come so easy and make you amazing, unique and beautiful.

These are a few of the things I would hate to change about myself...

1. Keep putting my family first. They are always there for you in the end.
2. Keep having a giant soft spot for all animals. They need all the compassion and love they can get.
3. Keep on learning. Life is a series of lessons.
4. Keep up with the mad organization skills. It's sometimes a bit obsessive but it always pays off.
5. Keep trusting. (maybe just listen to your gut a bit more)
6. Keep following you heart. (maybe trust your head a bit more too)
7. Keep creating. It allows your soul to be free.
8. Keep enjoying the small things in life.
9. Keep believing. Even though it often feels impossible.
10. Keep finding beauty in unusual places.
11. Keep treasuring those who are most important to you. Without them you are nothing.
12. Keep napping, reading and enjoying food. You are really good at this.
13. Keep looking for the rainbows end. Never give up on the fairytale.

Have a breathtaking Wednesday, Kisses G :)

Sail Away With Me.