Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Black and White

Thought For The Day.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Thought For The Day...Love.


I see you lying there in a world that is not yours.
A world drowning with tears.
I remember how you used to make me laugh.
How you made everything around you fun.
How your smile used to light up a room.
It is wrong that you lie there so still, your lips bare.

My eyes wont leave your shut eyelids.
They are fixed to yours, waiting for them to open.
Your people surround you.
Your parents, so fragile, so small with tear stained faces.
Your daughters hovering, adjusting
and whispering loving words into your hair.

I feel wrong been here, in this little world so full of you.
This room is aching love for you. I am an outsider looking in.
My pain for you and for them seems insignificant to
the looks on their faces, the hollows under their eyes.
The concern in their touch.

I cant understand the pain they feel.
But I can see it. It pulsates in this room.
They carry it with them in their eyes, in their every step.
Their love for you is tangible it has become a physical being,
another person inside this room,
sitting quietly watching you sleep, listening to your breath.

We sit and wait.
Remembering a time better than this, a time when you were you.
A quite room filled with saddened hearts and patient angels.
Loving touches, soft prayers and gentle song.
I am sure you are listening to it all.
I am sure inside that withered shell you are smiling.

I know now that your pain has finally been taken away.
I know now that your heart is happy.
It is hard but they have set you free.
Your laughter and your unapologetic love will be missed every day.
But finally your spirit is free,
free from that body that broke around you,
free from the pain that plagued you
and free from a world that was not good enough for you.
I hope you have found your peace Mary.
You stole a little piece of my heart.
A piece that will always miss but never forget your smile,
a smile that lit a tiny empty little room.

G ©


Life is such a tender little thread. It is broken so easily. We don't realize how fragile we all easily everything that is precious to us can be taken away. How quickly we can disappear. And how the world carries on. It seems unfair, it seems cruel and ruthless. It is so heartbreakingly sad. Death is not opposite to life it is apart of it, but it is still so sad and often too cruel to bare. Just because you are a good, kind gentle soul, just because you follow the rules and treat people right, just because you make people laugh and work hard each day and love your family, does not guaranty you will live or that you will die with dignity or without pain. Nothing can guaranty that. It is often said the good die young. Why!? Why do the good die young! Why do the good have to die painfully and slow!? That is unfair...plain and simple. If the good are going to die young at lease do it without pain and in a single breath...not a dragged out, shuddering breath, torturous ordeal. Sigh. I am unhappy with death and whoever's job it is to take people to the next place. I am cross that people I love are aching. I am pissed off at the universe for taking someone so precious and kind away from us. And I am just plain miserable that there is absolutely nothing I can do about any of it! But like most painful things in this life we can learn from this. We can grow and it will make us stronger. I have learnt to love with no rules and limits, the brain has no place in love. To tell the ones you care about, you love them...every single day (and then to tell them again). I have learnt stupid things that seem to be big things, actually mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. I have learnt to not be so hard. To be more gentle with peoples hearts. To be more caring, to go out of my way to be more caring and not be so unforgiving and stubborn. I have learnt that we are stronger than we ever even realized. I have learnt that I have faith that after death something awaits. I have learnt the rules mean nothing. I have learnt that angles and spirits are very real and with a open heart and a free mind we can feel them. I realize that every single tiny second is the most precious gift we have and we should not waste them on been sad or thinking about things that shall never be or regretting things that are...we should simply love. And love recklessly, un-relentlessly...even if it scares us shitless. G

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's In A Kiss..

Well since that movie, that shall not be mentioned (Blue Valentine), I have been feeling super low, gray and depressed about love and marriage and happiness forever. Which is entirely my world, so as you can imagine I am not a sky of sunshine today...which is sad. So to cheer myself up I have found all these really beautiful photos of kisses. Kisses you can feel through the images. Magical kisses :) Hope this cheers us all up. Kisses G x

What's In A Kiss...
It's the sun and the moon and the stars.
It's the future, the present, the past.
The laughter, the tears.
It's the heat, the passion.
The blood that pulses through your very core.
It's the endless sky above
and the depth of the earth below.
It a whisper, a scream.
A touch.
Its a promise, a plea.
Its brave and vulnerable.
Exposed and free.
Its eternity, infinity.
Frozen time.
Everything, that is what is in a kiss.

Blue Valentine

Last night I watched the movie, Blue Valentine. (with Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams) It is such a good movie but it is so depressing. It's one of those movies you love and hate at the same time. It has left me feeling so sad now. Why can't things just work out? Why can't love just be enough? Why do we insist on destroying each other and love and all that is good and beautiful!? Sigh. I always say I love a movie that makes you feel something after...but this is ridiculous. I am so sad and depressed by the dark truth to that movie, I can barley function. I almost wish I didn't watch it. SIgh...G

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beautiful Doors

I love these photos of all these beautiful, old eroded doors. They speak stories or foreign lands and winsome places. They make me want to go explore the corners of the world (...courtesy of pintrest.) x G

"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls."
Joseph Campbell

Mmmmh Shiney...

I found this jewellery while browsing the web the other day and was so excited to find out it is some of our very own home grown goodness! This jewellery is the magical creations of Genevieve Motley, who was born and raised here in sunny Durban. Yay! I have absolutely fallen in love her work! And have already put in a much too large order for myself! Genevieves' designs are adorable, feminine miniature renderings or birds, bunnies, deer and flowers. All her designs are cut from Jacaranda wood and perspex and she employes local craftsmen and woman to help her produce the jewellery. It is so so beautiful. I have attached a few of my favorites here but for more (and more importantly to buy:)) check out her online shop here. Enjoy and happy shopping :) G