Thursday, December 23, 2010

Roll On Holidays!!

Well I am officially on holiday! Wooohoooo!!!! Bring on Christmas, bring on beach cottages and sunshine. Bring on full bellies and lazy eyelids. Bring on laughter till it hurts and nights that last forever. Bring on family and friends, bring on the giving, bring on the fun! I am ready. I just wanted to wish everyone an amazing Christmas and an inspiring new year. Be safe and remember what is truly important. Yesterday I gave a hobo lady, who lives on the road I work on (Wendy) and her trusty dog (Baby) a Christmas hamper. It was filled with all kinds of food and drinks (for both her and Baby), blankets, mince pies and a little bit of Christmas. I have never felt someone so grateful. She hugged me so hard with huge eyes and a smile that melted my heart. Sigh. It made me feel so happy. Just to give such a little for me ment the world to her. Don't forget this is the season of giving, so give freely and generously. It will nourish your soul. And in turn may all your wishes and dreams come true. We will catch up in the new year. Peace out :) G

"Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man." (...or lady :))
Benjamin Franklin.

Quote Of The Day.

"Dear Santa. I have been naughty. And it was worth it you fat, judgmental bastard"
Hee hee hee, Merry Christmas. G x

Fundamentals To Live By.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Swallow Migration.

A few weeks ago I went to watch the Barn Swallows come and roost in the wetlands of Mount Moreland. This is one of the most beautiful sights I have had the pleasure of experiencing. It is quiet simply breath taking. To be surrounded and overwhelmed by nature and it's splendor is such a soul healing experience. I try to go every year...ok I have only been twice but it's now my thing. It is completely worth it. I simply can not miss something so amazing. The swallows all come to roost in the same place after a long day of dancing with the clouds. When the sky is at its fullest, it looks grey with swallows (over 3million at one time) and all you can hear is their cheerful chirping as they duck and dive over head. This wonder happens here in South Africa for a few months each year. The swallows come here to enjoy our warm summer and bask in the sun rays. It is spectacular. I recommend anyone and everyone here in South Africa to come and view these beautiful creatures. It is a sight to behold. You can bring a pick nick and blanket along and make an evening out of it :) If you are interested check out the website...even if you are not check it out's awe inspiring! Sigh...I love Swallows. When I die I want to come back as a Barn Swallow :) G x

Hey It's Christmas :)

Only 3 more sleeps till Christmas day!!! Yay! So since Christmas is literally on our doorstep, it only seems appropriate that we have Christmas music blaring the festive times in. Right!? Well I think it is 100% necessary...crucial almost. So for all of you who are dying to get the Christmas spirit flowing but don't have the tunes to play...don't fret, I am here to save the Christmas day!!! Here is an awesome Christmas album you can download. Just click here. :) Thank you Christmas internet elves. Yay for Christmas songs!!! Mwa G

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Christmas!!!

Yay, it is finally that time of year again! Christmas!!! I am a sucker for the festive season. I thought one day I would grow out of it...but nope thank goodness, still like a kid. Christmas just holds such happy memories for me. All through my childhood, Christmas has always been the best day of the year. I guess some things (much to my utmost relief) don't change. So we have finally made a plan on wednesday to put the tree up as a family, which will be fun. We having a whole big dinner to celebrate the raising of the tree (it wouldn't be us if there wasn't food involved in there somewhere.) I am so excited. I have also just added a new Christmas album to my ipod. Something about Christmas songs make me so nostalgic. And as per usual I have everyones Christmas presents brought and wrapped. Ready and waiting. :) Eeeeek so exciting! I can not wait for the loudness, the excitement, the food, the love, the family, the leftovers, the after lunch nap, Boney M, the joy and the feeling that everything in the world is finally as it should be. I love that I feel too much and too intensely...Happy 12 days till Merry Christmas Everyone :) G x

I Was Wrong

You were the one who knew me to my soul.

Now you just stare right through me.

I couldn't admit it before but it's the truth,

I was wrong.

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