Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Could Not Date A Vampire!!!

I know, I know, it has been a really long time. Tsk, tsk, shame on me. I have really been slacking. Sorry guys. But here I am :) It's crazy how life just speeds up. I really don't have enough time in the days anymore. I am working towards a very special life project. So I have been tied up lately. Anyway, enough excuses, I have a very funny story for you....

Ok, so I am terrified of needles, injections and blood! Yes I am a full grown woman who has a complete irrational fear of these three things. I don't like it, it makes me feel weak, silly and like a child. So the other day I was like..."I am going to give blood!!!" I felt this was a smart decision, as if I kept giving blood I could conquer my fear and also save lives while doing it! (Kind of like a super hero) Awesome!

So off I go all by myself, with no one to hold my hand, excited that I am been such a big, brave girl. Once there it all starts to hit me! Wow! There is blood in this room!! I see needles and giant bags for my blood, antiseptic smells, nurses gloves. And all of a sudden I feel like a caged animal searching for an escape route! Seriously I had the most intense desire to bolt. But non the less I have a stern talking to myself and fill out the forms and sit in the chair. The nurse was really nice but obviously I look away as she fiddles with my arm. (Lets not fool ourselves, it is sore! Not, oh-my-word-I-am-going-to-pass-out-from-the-pain kind of sore, but it is sore) Once she is done I sit there as the blood is drained from my body! But as I think of other things, besides vampires, dripping blood and death, I realise....I am ok. Munching on my cookies and sipping my juice, I think this is not so bad. I am kind of a big deal right now. Look at me saving lives. Easy peazy!

After they drain a full bag from me, I am free to go. And wow, was I proud of myself! I felt great. This is something I could actually do. Anyway, so as I am leaving the room and walking down the corridor. I start to feel funny. Light headed, my limbs don't seem coordinated, my vision is blurred and my ears are muffled....I know this feeling....I recognize this misty haze....Bam!

I wake up face flat on the carpet. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, yes I fainted and face planted the floor!!! Full on face plant! I was lying sprawled on the carpet. Dazed and confused. I had no idea how I got there, where I was or how long I had been lying there. I didn't even remember walking out of the blood drive room. Ha ha ha ha ha, once I came too, I jumped up, so embarrassed, I dust myself off. (but thank goodness no one saw me) So needless to say for the rest of the day I stayed securely seated, slurping on coke and nibbling on a Bar One feeling very sorry for myself. The dizziness only left me the next morning. Hee hee hee. Anyway I just wanted to share that story because I found it hysterical :) G

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